Structure of course in not at all well defined

I registered for the course on 9th of nov.How would i’d be able to attend the live webinars? as currently I am able to watch the previously held webinars in 2017.I am also unable to see any assignments for the course.How could I make use of hacker blocks?.Almost 2 weeks have passed but still I am not joined to any watsapp group nor do I have any idea about my batch or batchmates.Also as I have registered for the course during diwali sale while the couse had been started since october,would my deadlines be extended or remain the same?How would i’d be able to access the TA support?
please help me out…

Hi Sajid, for live webinars you can check webinars in announcement section of your course. You can contact at reception for adding you to the whatsApp group of your batch. You can ask at the reception regarding the deadlines also. If you have any doubt you can post your questions on discuss and TA’s will help you out. otherwise, you can ask about your queries on whatsApp group also if its urgent.
Hope it helps you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply but right now there is not even a single announcement in the announcement section.How can I contact at the reception?

Hi Sajid,

Did you not get the Whatsapp link in your welcome email ? (You might need to check your spam inbox just in case)
You can join via this link too

I am the mentor for the course, you can reach out to me on Whatsapp directly on +919643339706 or on email at [email protected]

There haven’t been any live webinars in this batch yet. Right now you have to start covering topics using the webinars section (which contain the 2017 webinars).

So in future we would have live webinars or not?
If we would then what would be the date for them?