Wrong output of the problem

int min_coins(int coins[], int t,int n,int dp[])
return 0;

    return dp[n];

int ans = INT_MAX;

for(int i = 0;i<t;i++){
        int sub = min_coins(coins,t,n-coins[i],dp);
        ans = min(ans,sub+1);
dp[n] = ans;
return dp[n];


The above code gives wrong output on geeks for geeks.
But I have done exactly what is taught.
Please look at it

@shreyaanand2908 please share the code using cb ide. and also send the question link.

This is the ques link - https://practice.geeksforgeeks.org/problems/number-of-coins/0

I am not able to copy my entire code on the cb ide, so I cant share it. What else can I do to share my entire code?


copy paste here save and share the link

The paste functionality of the ide does not work!
This is what I am saying

@shreyaanand2908 open this link on computer copy paste then file save copy link and paste
(on mobile its not possible)

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