Wrong output, coming out to be - infinity

hi @pranaynigam
no need to create 2d dp array… u can do it in 1d only… refer this https://ide.codingblocks.com/s/622797

Yeah your method is working fine. Now im getting the correct output but test cases are not passing

try for this input
5 10
-1 33 -1 176 -1 46 -1 120 -1 300

expected o/p - 112

but in the constarints value is given to be positive

yes… but -1 to aahi skta hai na… read the ques carefully…

yeah my ans is coming out wrong. I understood your 1D array approach. Please edit my 2D array code as i want to find the mistake in this approach

hi… just apply concept of unbounded knapsack… it should work fine…

i have applied the same concept and the sample test case output is also correct but the test cases are not passing

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