Von Neuman Loves Binary problem


using namespace std;

int main() {

int N, sum, numb, rem, base, I;




	sum = 0;

	while( numb != 0){

		base = 0;

		rem = numb % 10;

		if (rem == 1){

			sum = sum + (2 * base);


		base *=2;

		numb = numb /10;




return 0;


What’s wrong with the code?

hello @omkarvp99

pls save ur code here->

and share its link with me

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Oh got it. I was asking for the same.

Here’s the link to code.

check now->

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And what about the logic, is it efficient to use or not?
What’s the efficient logic to apply, any other?

yeah it is the most efficient logic.

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@aman212yadav, Thank you.

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