Unable to upload CSV file

I get an error “Can’t Upload file” twice when I click on Upload CSV after choosing my CSV file.

Hello @gmxmithil_c5dd2cc93d66043b,
What is the error coming while upload your. Have you converted the file into .csv format and not uploading in jpeg or png format. please share the screenshot of the eroor.

I get a JavaScript dialog-box saying “Can’t Upload file”. See the screenshot below:
My web browser is Vivaldi.
The file is a CSV file generated by pandas library. It is not an image file. I get this error not just for this assignment but for any assignment that I try to upload.

Which broswer are you using for the course?

See the reply above.

Hello @gmxmithil_c5dd2cc93d66043b,
Please use chrome browser then because that may be an issue.

I am getting the same error in Google Chrome also. I think it is a server-side problem.

Ok I will ask it to resolve else you use chrome please for course and proceed with it.

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