Telegram bot is not working! deploying flask on heroku

Heroku url is showing the desired test output.
But the telegram bot is not replying me on the tele app…
i have checked the heroku logs and no errors were found.

hey @prerit_goyal ,
can you please confirm that your dyno or webhook is actually running. check you heroku dashboard for this.

if this is what i have to check then it is saying the dyno fails!!! due to only 1 dyno running.

no not this.
on heroku dashboard under overview tab there is dyno running status check , just tell me is it saying ON or not.

yes it is saying on!!

can you please upload your code on github and share the link with me.

kindly try making these changes

  1. in procfile write web: gunicorn botweb:app
  2. in , use port as 8443.
  3. use only the required libraries in requirements.txt

I guess they will help.

I did all these changes in my file and then redeployed my app, but i’m still not getting any response in my telegram bot.!!

check its logs, is there any error related to importing libraries or something.
share its screenshot here once.

I’ve checked the logs and the heroku status and i don’t see any error, just the usual warning of fuzzywuzzy.

is it so that it is working for start and help commands and not for news commands . ??

its not working for any command or text…!!

hey @prerit_goyal ,
can we connect on teamviewer ?

yes…thats good for me too!!!
Please tell me when you are free and accordingly we can set for that!!

tomorrow around 1 pm , will that be fine ?

yes yes… fine by me!!!
But if possible, we can connect on discord!!! so that if possible you can solve my doubt regarding this there only!!
if possible?!

I tried re-deploying my bot , like again making a new url for heroku app and did all those steps and now the bot is working perfectly fine.

I want to thank you for all the help you did trying to solve my problem. Really thank you so much for all the help sir.!! :smile:

Hey @prerit_goyal ,
Its really good to hear that .
No problem , that my job to help you out .

Kindly mark this doubt as resolved in your course’s doubt section .
Thank You :slight_smile:.

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