Take as input a 2-d array.Print the 2-D array in sprial form clockwise. What is the error in the following code

using namespace std;
void spiralPrint(int a[][10],int n,int m){
// initialization of the 4 iterators;

int sr=0,sc=0;
int er=n-1,ec=m-1; 

// condition till the loop works;
while(sc<=ec && sr<=er){// till they over shoot each other

    // step 1 to print first row;
    //print the sr from sc to ec
    for (int col=sc;col<=ec;col++){
        cout<<a[sr][col]<<", ";

    // step 2 to print the last column
    // print ec from sr to er;
    // ec--;
    for (int row=sr;row<=er;row++){
        cout<<a[row][ec] <<", ";

    // step 3 to print the last row;
    // print er from ec to sc;
    // er--
    for(int col=ec;col>=sc;col--){
        cout<<a[er][col]<<", ";

    // step 4 to print first row reverse;
    // print sc from er to sr;
    // sc++;
    for(int row=er;row>=sr;row--){
        cout<<a[row][sc]<<", ";

int main(){
int m,n;
int a[10][10];
for(int i=0;i<n;i++){
for(int j=0;j<m;j++){

return 0;


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