Subset sum easy problem-1

here is my code:
here i am facing the problem of base case code.In the code above , it is true for all cases except one i.e., when exclude all elements in the array,sum is still 0,it must return false.but it returns true according to my code. i am unable to find a way to solve the test case.I just want a better base case that can solve all the test cases.

Hii Pulkit,
Send the sum as -1 when you call getss function and in base condition first check whether a == A.lenght if yes, then check whether sum is 0 or not, if sum is 0 then return true else false

sir it is not working as

  1. in s i am storing the i cant pass value of sum as -1.
  2. the main problem with code is that in one of the test case in which i exclude every element sum is still 0 and a==A.length. so it must return false in this particular testcase

Hii pulkit,
In that case pass sum as Integer.MIN_VALUE in getss function and in getss function check is sum is equal to Integer.MIN_VALUE then initalize sum with array element at that index. This will solve your problem as if you exclude all elements then sum will not be equal to 0 and in any case sum of all elements can’t be equal to infinity

sir, it would be very kind of you if you can make the changes in the code for my better understandability.
Thanks sir.

Hii Pulkit,
I have made changes in your code and you can see them in the following link:

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thanks bro for solving the problem

please check my code , i am getting WA.
import java.util.*;
public class Main {
static boolean subset(int arr[], int idx, int sum , int count){
return false;
return true;
return false;

	boolean sc=subset(arr,idx+1,sum,count);
	boolean fc=subset(arr,idx+1,sum+arr[idx],count+1);
//	System.out.println(fc+" "+sc+" "+idx);
	return fc||sc;

public static void main(String args[]) {
	Scanner sc=new Scanner(;
	int t=sc.nextInt();
		int n=sc.nextInt();
		int arr[]=new int[n];