Submission Doubt

I have completed the assignment and i am getting the desired output but when i submit this csv, i am getting a score of 0% for some reason

hey @devchopra999_11c6416ab7f09bbf ,
the column names should not be A, B and C
it should be the one that you have in 1 row.
change that and then try again.

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i was using the wrong url,
python doubt 18 Python Doubt 18 -2

How do i scrape the complete image url? if i scrape the one in src it gives the link a
s “…/…/…/media etc.” which doesnt take me to the image of the pic
so i need to get the link from current source from the box that appears on the link

right now if i remove the ABC column and use the img src link then i am getting 84% only, lemme know if there’s some other reason regarding that

just use the same link as it is given in src , dont need to change it
and add the columns as

and then try once

still getting 84% only

okay checking it again once