Store Sales - Time Series Forecasting Using machine learning to predict grocery sales

Can you pls guide me regarding this project. I am not able to understand which model I would need to implement and how to begin with. There are so many csv files given in their kaggle dataset how to use them etc. Please help me understand this project and guide me accordingly

Hello @soumyajindal0707_d249298451f44c34,
Is this challenge part of this any course you are enrolled in or you are asking for your personal project. If any course it is there could you pls share the name of your course.

No it is not part of any course it is a competition on kaggle.

pls reply to my doubt

Hello @soumyajindal0707_d249298451f44c34,
There was some repair going on with doubt portal from past few days so that is why there is a delay.
We use different supervised machine learning models for time series forecasting like ARIMA,ARMA.

You can go through these models and then build on your dataset.

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