Simple basic calculator

a b c can be 100000000 so a*b can exceed integer limit
make abc as long long int

my code still not work after making a,b,c as long long int.

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working fine for mein
see this

check for the question by above link p/195 if there is difference in ur question send me that

Write a program that works as a simple calculator.

1.It reads a character (ch)
2.If ch is among β€˜+’, β€˜-’, β€˜*’, β€˜/’ or β€˜%’ it furthur takes two numbers (N1 and N2 as input). It then performs appropriate appropriate operation between numbers and print the number. 3.If ch is β€˜X’ or β€˜x’, the program terminates.
4.If ch is any other character, the program should print β€˜Invalid operation. Try again.’ and seek inputs again (starting from character).

Write code to achieve above functionality.

i mean send link so that i can try to sumbit this ans there

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