Setting Up webhook for telegram

Code not working

it shows

hey @pgarg ,
Did you run the code to make your ngrok server to reserve the 8443 port before run your server.

On what Operating System are you working on ? Windows or MacOs?

I am using Windows
yes i did

kindly do it again , as there is some error on that only

I tried thrice
still same error

okkay let me check it once.

after running your ngrok command ,
can you please share with its an image showing it run

did you run your flask server after running the ngrok command ? and did showed any error ?

change method to methods

where , I mean
In which file

have a look at this

I have updated the code , just change you token and it will work.

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It worked, thanks a lot

same problem i am facing too.
Same local host problem
dont know what to do next

hey @Vishal1072 ,
Can you please check that , you are running both flask and ngrok on the same port.

how to check flask port

when you run flask,
then in command prompt , it shows the url at which it is running
like it is running at , the 5000 is the port