Reverse an array

This is my code can anyone help me what i am doing wrong here

Your mistakes

  1. you forgot to take input in array
  2. at line no 9 arr[end] = arr[temp];
    this is incorrect
    correct one is
    arr[end] = temp;

check modified Code below
Modified Code

thank you so much really this was my 14 day asking the same question no one replied … thank you

really sorry for this

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i have sumbitted the code and still only one test case has been passed … what should i do?

let me check the code once again

actually constraints are large


N cannot be Negative. Range of Numbers can be between -1000000000 to 1000000000.

so using int variable may overflow
use long long int instead of int

check this
is it working?

ahhh… no even i tried this not working still only 1 test case is passed

I haven’t studied pointers yet otherwise i think this may be done by pointers

code is correct actually
we have to print the elements in different lines

Sample Input
0 4 6 8 9
Sample Output

check now same link of code given above
it should work

so i have to make any changes or not?

no just copy the code from above link
i have updated that code

oh yes i got it now we put endl on different line thank you so much for sticking wit me.

no problem

keep coding
now i am marking this doubt as resolved
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