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Why my program is not running for test cases 6,7 and 8 . if this is because N<=10^6 then how should i do that because for an array of 10^6 elements give segmentation fault

Hello @hrithikvohra505 you are not making array of size 10^6 and make all arrays a globally:
check this corrected code:

Sir why it is not working on local arrays i mean i tried using local arrays of 10^6 size but it was showing segmentation fault

@hrithikvohra505 because main is not handle three arrays of this size simultaneously.
We have to then declare it globally.

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what happens if i would have been doing a question with test cases then it would be diificult to use a global variable for all the test cases

@hrithikvohra505 if there would be test cases for that also it wouldnt have creater issue because everytimt you will take input for newer test case and check for the given n of that test case.

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