Pythagorous triplet

beside using abs() and I am getting positive values of X and Y
I have passed test case 0, 1 and 2
I am not able to pass test case 4 and test case 5

Please help me finding

hello @jatinnirwan08
pls save ur code at cb ide and share it link with me

using namespace std;
int main() {
long long int N;
double p=0;
else if(N%2==0)
cout<<(pp)-1<<" "<<(pp)+1<<endl;
else if(N%2!=0)
cout<<p<<" "<<p+1<<endl;
return 0;

not here.

go to this link ->

paste ur code in editor .
press ctrl + s and then save.

a url will be generated in search bar , copy that url and paste here in this thread

check now->

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