Pseudocode assignment

mujhse nahi ban raha hai wo sare assignment

Hello @ which question you are not able to do?

1st 2nd and 4th question

@abhishek2golu50 read this for 1sr question:
in ith row you have print

  1. Numbers from i to 2*i -1
  2. Numbers from 2*(i-1) to i
    for(i=1: n)
    for(j=i : 2 i - 1) cout<<j;
    for(j= 2
    (i-1) : i) cout<< j;

@abhishek2golu50 can you please share the 2nd and the 3rd question?

cant understnd sir.
pls expain in brief

Find sum of digits of a number. Say N = 3467, Output = 3 + 4 + 6 + 7 = 20

Sum of the the digits can be find in the way that you take the modulo by 10 you will get the remainder as the the example in 3467 mod 10 first you will get 7 and then after dividing by 10 you will get 346 in this way you will store the digits and take their sum.

Dry run for this you will get it.
And then also you are not able to then I will try some other method to explain.

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