Painter Problem

The question is:

You have to paint N boards of length {A0, A1, A2, A3 … AN-1}. There are K painters available and you are also given how much time a painter takes to paint 1 unit of board. You have to get this job done as soon as possible under the constraints that any painter will only paint contiguous sections of board. Return the ans % 10000003

Input Format

First line contains three space seperated integers N,K and T ,where
N = Size of array,
K = No of painters available ,
T = Time taken to print each board by one painter
Next line contains N space seperated positive integers denoting size of N boards.

This question is different than the one solved in the video of this topic.

Here, we are given time taken by a painter to paint a board which was not present in the question solved in the video.

My answer is correct according to the sample case but none of my test cases are passing.

Is this because the test cases are of the older problem or is there anything wrong in my code?

This is my code: