Oops classes and objects

audio quality is very bad in this lecture

i am not getting what is being taught in this lecture.Please look into this issue

Audio seems to be alright.
Anyways in this class Prateek Bhaiya taught about OOPs in python. OOPs means object oriented programming and in this concept we deal with classes and objects.
So, a class is a blueprint, or you can consider it as class describes all the fields or functionality related to the object.
In short, class defines the fields and methods related to an object.
In this, we declare a class by using class keyword and inside this class maybe sometimes you encounter constructor function def init(self):
We can also define diff methods inside the class related to the object.
So all this video is about getting familiar with classes and objects.
Please watch the video and after that if you feel some doubts will be there, please do ask them, I will try my best.
Happy Coding !! :slight_smile: