Only Test Case 3 shows wrong answer

import java.util.*;
public class Main {

static Scanner scn = new Scanner(;

public static void main(String[] args) {
	Main m = new Main();
	BinaryTree bt1 = BinaryTree();
	BinaryTree bt2 = BinaryTree();

private class BinaryTree {
	private class Node {
		int data;
		Node left;
		Node right;

	private Node root;
	private int size;

	public BinaryTree() {
		this.root = this.takeInput(null, false);

	public Node takeInput(Node parent, boolean ilc) {

		int cdata = scn.nextInt();
		Node child = new Node(); = cdata;

		// left
		boolean hlc = scn.nextBoolean();

		if (hlc) {
			child.left = this.takeInput(child, true);

		// right
		boolean hrc = scn.nextBoolean();

		if (hrc) {
			child.right = this.takeInput(child, false);

		// return
		return child;

	public boolean structurallyIdentical(BinaryTree other) {
		return this.structurallyIdentical(this.root, other.root);

	private boolean structurallyIdentical(Node node1, Node node2) {
		// write your code here
		    if(node1==null && node2==null){
  				return true;
			if(node1==null || node2==null){
  				return false;

			return ( && structurallyIdentical(node1.left,node2.left) && structurallyIdentical(node1.right,node2.right));


This condition in return is not required, please read the problem statement again.

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