One Testcase not giving WA

Hi @alamsarfraz422
ur appraoch is not correct…
This problem is simply an extension of LCS

Let the input sequences be X[0…m-1], Y[0…n-1] and Z[0…o-1] of lengths m, n and o respectively. And let L(X[0…m-1], Y[0…n-1], Z[0…o-1]) be the lengths of LCS of the three sequences X, Y and Z. Following is the implementation:

The idea is to take a 3D array to store the length of common subsequence in all 3 given sequences i. e., L[m + 1][n + 1][o + 1]

1- If any of the string is empty then there is no common subsequence at all then L[i][j][k] = 0
2- If the characters of all sequences match (or X[i] == Y[j] ==Z[k]) then L[i][j][k] = 1 + L[i-1][j-1][k-1]
3- If the characters of both sequences do not match (or X[i] != Y[j] || X[i] != Z[k] || Y[j] !=Z[k]) then
refer this

I hope its clear now??

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