Not getting the desired result

Here is the link to the solution I have done.

hey you have to insert every element at the tail not at the head. Also have edited your merge function

node *mergeSort(node *a, node *b){
    if (b == NULL){
        return a;
    if(a == NULL){
        return b;

    node *c;
    if (a -> data < b -> data ){
        c = a;
        c->next = mergeSort(a -> next, b);
    else {
        c = b;
        c->next = mergeSort(a, b -> next);
    return c;

I was following prateek bhaiya’s approach.

He has also inserted at tail of linked list.

I mean the mergeSort function. I did what he has done in the video

is this what you are asking ? if no then attach a screenshot.

Yes, I have done this.

So now what issue are you getting in this ? your merge function will work fine now.

I mean I could not understand the code you wrote previously.

by doing node c we are declaring a new node, okay? after that we check using our if else statement that head of a linked list should be c or b.Now suppose we choose a , and make it equal to, now we also have to move forward so what c->next will do is recursively call the function and check again .That’s how it’s working. Now in this if you are unable to understand something then ask.

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