Not able to run the spider

my project is in C:\Users\bhard\myproject\myproject\spiders
and when I am running the command
C:\Users\bhard\myproject>scrapy crawl qoute_spider
in cmd then following error is occuring
NameError: name ‘null’ is not defined

hey @bhardwajyash249 ,
can you check that in your code, there is usage or declaration of variable null.

I guess you are using it ,but had not defined it.

I have found the mistake I was saving my file as but when I saved is simply as qoutes_spider then the issue is resolved

now another error is coming

KeyError: ‘Spider not found: quotes_spider’

actually the error is not resolved but actually got behind another error.
SO , just share me your code.

I have made another project named tutorial and write this code in a file named qoutes_spider in spider fol:

import scrapy class QuotesSpider(scrapy.Spider): name = “qoutes” def start_requests(self): urls = [ ‘’, ‘’, ] for url in urls: yield scrapy.Request(url=url, callback=self.parse) def parse(self, response): page = response.url.split("/")[-2] filename = f’quotes-{page}.html’ with open(filename, ‘wb’) as f: f.write(response.body) self.log(f’Saved file {filename}’)

and following error is coming after I typed C:\Users\bhard\tutorial\tutorial\spiders>scrapy crawl qoutes_spiderKeyError: ‘Spider not found: qoutes_spider’

also I want to say that file is saved with .ipynb and not .py extension

I am running on jupyter and writing the last command on cmd i.e., scrapy crawl quotes_spider I am not using any software

hey @bhardwajyash249 ,
it wont work on jupyter notebook
scrapy crawl uses some other files too , that are only present in project when we create using scrapy commands

so where should I run it ?

please can you suggest some software where to run it will it run on vscode?

you dont need any software.
make a project using scrapy only and it will create all the required files

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