My code for news bot is not working may u please check it asap

hey @personifier997 ,
Can you please let me know what error are you facing or stuck at ?
Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:

bad webhook error …my code is working fine but my bot is not working…

hey @personifier997 ,
Its because of your your webhook , that you are facing this error.
Your code will work correct but will not respond as there is no webhook hence it is not able to receive any input and hence cannot provide any output.
Check that you are providing the correct ngrok url and also running it on the same port.

I hope you understand this.

yes that error has been resolved and my bot is working but only for small talks not for news

i think gnewsclient is not working properly but why ? it is not giving any ans as well as no error is being generated

hey @personifier997 ,
go through the lecture once again and try to recorrect your work from there.
Also check the command prompt sending something on instagram it should print something in it , like a warning or error or something else.
Add some print statements in your to easily debug it.

I hope these things help you :slightly_smiling_face:.