My bot is not giving any replies .Please help me

hey @vageesha,
are you getting any error or something ??

this is the error

This is my code. Can you please help me out.

bro check your python-telegram-bot version , its not 12.8
install 12.8 and then go according to the course.

can you give me the command

It is not getting installed sir

pip install python-telegram-bot==12.8

it still gives this error sir

in your code, you need to format your error text , not pass those as parameters to error function.
check that

I am sorry but I am not understanding what you mean to say.

def error(bot,update): logger.error("Update '%s' caused error '%s'",update,update.error)

this is your code, here you are passing 3 parameter to logger.error function ,

whereas you need to update those other two on that first string , using format function, correct.??? did you get now.

Oh yes, I got it…I will try it now.

def error(bot,update):

logger.error("Update {} caused error {}".format(update,update.error))

is this correct?

yeah give it a try once and see what happens

It still gives me error :worried:

is it the same error ??

yes, it is the same error

Can you please suggest some solution.

hey @vageesha ,

def _error(bot, update, telegram_error):
logger.error(’\nError :’ + str(telegram_error))

try this once.