Module named 'fcntl' not found

When I wrote gunicorn app:app it gave an error
module named ‘fcntl’ not found. I am working on windows. I have read that module fcntl is not available in windows, can you suggest me an option for using gunicorn to run the flask application?

hey @Mohit2000 ,
gunicorn and fcntl will not work in windows , these are to be used from heroku itself.
So , just dont run them on windows , complete the deployment and then check what the error or issue comes , if any.

I hope this helps.

Can we run the flask app on the flask server while deploying by configuring Procfile as web: python

i didn’t understand that.
Can you please brief about it a bit more.

Thank You

Can we deploy our project having Procfile configured as web: python i.e, instead of using the gunicorn server, can we use the default flask server, which is not as powerful as the gunicorn server?

No you can do this as such.
python is not a server providing tool , flask a module in python that does so.
and even we can’t use flask in it directly.

If you wan to run it locally then go for ngrok , else use Procfile and gunicorn to go with heroku

What I have understood from the lecture that if we run flask app using ngrok, then app will run on the default http server used by flask which is less powerful than whta the gunicorn uses? Is it so?

I am sorry for this , but i dont know that whether flask is more powerful or gunicorn.

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