Min cost node for building temple

how to find node where temple should be placed in order to get minimum cost of road from all other nodes in that particular component??

Count the number of disjoll components (subgraphs which are not connected to each other) and store them in a variable , say ‘components’ Each component must have a single Temple So cost of temple in each component is A * components Further there are (x-1) roads required in each component where x is no of vertices in that component Sum of roads in all components = (n - components) , n is no of nodes in adjacency list Multiply that with B , cost to repair each road Cost so far , cost = A*component + B * (n-components)

But there are some vertices that do not form any edges Some vertices which stand alone and each of these vertices must have a temple of its own Since they do not form any edge , there count is not included in the adjacency list No of such nodes is (V - n) …where V is total no of nodes and n is no of nodes that form an edge and are part of previously counted components Since each of these nodes must have a temple Total cost = A components + B (n-component) + A*(V-n)

Do not forget to consider the base case when A<=B. If cost of constructing temples in each city is less than repairing roads , simply build temples in all cities and return V*A .

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