Median in a running stream

why this is giving segmentation fault

Corrected code, here,
Correction, Always explicitly convert *.size() type value into int because by default they are unsigned ints and can give error in arithmetic operations.

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But sir i have tried without explicitly changing in my previous questions but why there is segmentation fault in this question particularly??

You are doing subtraction here, subtraction and unsigned ints, aren’t that friendly you know… :upside_down_face:

Oh great small small things matter thanks sir… And one more doubt sir how that is coming segmentation fault?? It’s a type of segmentation fault??

Nope, it does not mean seg error, it only gives wrong subtraction result, which indeed lets the boolean expression inside if be true, which leads to a top() and pop() statement, and toping and hoping from empty queue is set error.

In which boolen expression this popping is happening?? Which was giving error?

Any if inside which you had done subtraction of sizes…