LIst index out of range

The following problem is on GFG it seems to work on the test cases i’ve used but when i try to submit it , it shows list index out of range

link to problem:

link to solution:

Thanks for the help

The if condition on line 5 is executed only once as it is not a part of the while loop, so put that condition inside the while loop condition itself so that it gets checked everytime you access arr[i+1]

i’ve tried using that also but it is not working giving me the same output
here the link to the solution.

the conditions are checked in sequence so check if i is within bounds BEFORE you use it as an index

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NO you didn’t cleared my doubt, can you please fix my code.

@pewpiyu change line 5 to this
while arr[i]<=k and i < n-1 and arr[i+1] <= k: