Let say our string is " abzx PI gf " now we find the pi at index 4 and 5 so we point j intiially to 6 and then increase the j till the last index value of the character array which is equal to 8 now we copy the char. to the last from right to left

now we copy like this
while( j > i+2 ){

arr [ j+2 ]=arr [ j ]

// how it is possible to store any character to j+2 index when j points to the last index of the character array .???

Hello @anshulgurawalia i didnt understand your doubt clearly but if your fount p at index ‘i’ and i at index at ‘i+1’ then you will make a jump of 2.

after pointing the j to the last index of the char.array we copy the elements from i+2 till the end
my ques is how we copy element by writing arr[j+2]=arr[j]( when j is pointing to the last index of the array index j+2 crosses our character array )

@anshulgurawalia make one separate character array and then do add the elements simultaneously in it.
don’t think that you will do after reaching the end only.

int j=i+2;
while(a [ j ] = ’ \0 ’ ){
so what is the meaning of this while loop

@anshulgurawalia actually as such this while loop is wrong because the condition in this should be either a[j]==’\0’ or a[j]!=’\0’

please tell the mistake in this code :-

@anshulgurawalia check this :

i have corrected your code and commented the mistake:
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