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My code-

the problem-https://leetcode.com/problems/3sum-closest/

Please correct my code only and send it.please also explain whwere i have gone wrong and what could have been a better approach for this probrlm

you have consider 3 numbers which are consecutive
but 3 numbers can be anything from the array

Correct Approach

why is difference =INT_MAX

why cant the sum be less than the target because its not mentioned like that ,only the closest sum is asked for??

initially we assume the difference is infinity because we have to selected any 3 nos

sum can be less than target

then why have we kept this condition

if (sum <= target) j++;

            else k--;

because if sum <= target then it means
to go closer to target we have to increase sum hence increase j (as array is sorted)

else if sum>target
to go closer to target we have to decrease sum hence decrease k (as array is sorted)

if the question would have been that select 3 nos such that the difference is max ,then would we have to write difference =INT_MAX there.

no then we consider the difference to be INT_MIN

ok,I have understood

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