In challenge hollow diamond pattern not able to find out the error in my code

i am not able to find the error in my code please help me in this.

please share your code after saving it on

i have uploaded it as hollow_dia. please tell me where to share it

and i have already share u a screen shot of my code

its not possible to debug screenshots , please paste your code on and go to file->save ,your url will get updated in the bar ,share it here I have shared the link of the code.

your approach isnt correct
start with nst = (n/2 + 1), cst = 1, rows = 1, nsp = -1,total rows = n;

  • The given pattern is seen as first stars then spaces and then stars .So for each row do the work of stars first , then that of spaces and then that of stars. And then change the variables accordingly for next iterations.
  • But this work will not help u to pass the test cases as there will be 1 extra star in the first line and last line. For e.g.,
       * * * * * *  //Extra star
       * *   * *
       *       *
       * *   * *
       * * * * * * // Extra Star
  • To handle this condition all you need to do is run your second look 1 time less only when control is in first and last line.
    if(rows == 1 || rows == n) cst = 2;

see this: