I have run the git config commands again but still same error

hey @sanyakaushik2365 ,
Like the way i have asked you to do in another doubt , kindly do that way only.

check this doubt of yours

I have done the way that you have told me.

did you run the git config commands ?

yes , I ran that and then all those commands told by you

okay so ,
try opening a new command prompt and then running those codes again

I have opened a new commnd prompt and rerun all the commands and config commands even but same problem is coming

Make sure you should be in your home directory not in local directory. while setting your username and e-mail ID.

git config --global user.email "[email protected]"
git config --global user.name "github_username"

done this even same problem :frowning:

just run ,
git config --list
and check does it contains user.email and user.name in it.

no it doesn’t contain that but I have ran it several times.

so thats the reason, you are getting that problem again and again.

yeah , what should I do now

here you are running these codes inside newws bot directory.
so, first go to home directory
i mean C:\Users\user

and then run these commands

all the commands or just config commands

just the config commands.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: Now everything is working :slight_smile:

Its good to hear that.

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Thank You and Happy Learning :slightly_smiling_face:.

where is the feedback form . I mean I can’t find that.

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