Hp printer not connecting

I have a hp printer. My printer USB port has been damaged so I decided to connect my hp printer with my router. At the time of connecting, it wanted a WPS pin on hp printer but I couldn’t find it anymore. What should I do now?

The common printer problem associated with the use of mobile devices is that the Hp Designjet T120 printer is too slow when the command to print comes from a mobile device. The user needs to understand that if his printer is slower than its normal speed of printing while handling mobile print tasks, then the problem is most probably connectivity related.

Try this:

  • From the home screen of your printer control panel, touch the Wireless icon.
  • Touch the Setup icon.
  • Touch Restore Network Defaults or Restore Network Settings, and then touch Yes to confirm your selection.
  • After the default network settings are restored, touch the back arrow, touch Wireless Settings, and then touch Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • The printer searches for available networks.
  • Touch the name of your wireless network.
  • If your wireless network does not display in the list of wireless networks, touch Enter New Network Name, and then type the name of your wireless network.
    NOTE: Type the exact network name, including any uppercase and lowercase letters.
    Type the WEP or WPA key (network password), and then touch Done.