How to Convert Excel to vCard File

Microsoft Excel is a familiar tool. Most users keep track of their contacts using an Excel spreadsheet. We need to import contacts from Excel into Outlook, Thunderbird, Phone, Thunderbird and other platforms. It is not possible to import contacts from Excel files into other software or applications. These systems don’t support Excel files so users will need to convert Excel contacts into vCard VCF format before they can be imported into other systems. This blog will show you how to convert Excel to VCF without the need for any software.

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There are multiple users who like to know how to convert Excel files to VCF format. Here is the ideal solution Excel to VCF Converter for successfully converting Excel files into VCF file format. As we all know Excel and VCF are the file formats of vcard for saving email messages but both are different. This software converts your Excel files into VCF format without any error and saves all email files with attachments within a single process.

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Many people would like to convert Excel to vCard (.vcf). Today, we’ll talk about how to finish this process without losing any data or wasting time. If you want to do it manually or automatically, there are two options.

Follow the instructions in the manual to complete the following tasks:

Step 1: Converting Excel to CSV:-

  1. Open the XLS/XLSX file in Excel.

  2. Select the Office icon >>

  3. Choose Save As >> then Other Formats.

  4. Choose a location to save the.csv file.

  5. Choose CSV (Comma delimited) as the saving type and click Save .

  6. A notice occurs if the workbook has many sheets. To save the sheet, you must click OK .

  7. Another message appears as well.

  8. To keep the workbook in the same format, click the Yes option.

Step 2: Importing Contacts from a CSV File:-

  1. Click the Windows icon and type Contacts into the search box.

  2. From the Contacts pane, select the Import tab.

  3. Select CSV (Comma Separated Values) and click Import in the Import to Windows Contacts dialogue.

  4. Click Browse to find the.csv file you made in Step 1.

  5. Select the. csv file and press the Next button.

  6. After mapping the contact fields, click the Finish button.

Step 3: Contacts Export to vCard:-

  1. Return to the Contacts Window and pick all of the contacts you wish to convert to VCF format. Then, on the Export tab, click.

  2. Select vCards in the Export Windows Contacts wizard (folder of .vcf files)

  3. Finally , select the Export option. Choose a location to save the .vcf file and click OK .

Users can waste a lot of time and data by going the manual route. As a frequent member, I will recommend using the PCVITA Excel Contacts to VCF Converter Software in this situation. It’s a reliable and quick service. You can effortlessly convert many Excel XLS / XLSX / CSV files into VCF / vCard format after purchasing this software.