How Does Scanner Class in Java Works with Input?

Does Scanner take all the input from the console window at once or does it take it one by one?


Scanner scan = new Scanner(;

int n = scan.nextInt();

int str = scan.nextLine();

float f = scan.nextFloat();

Please share your thought.

And also if possible share some references too.

Both, either, depends.

If you type 7 then press Enter, the code will assign n = 7 and str = ""1 and will then wait for more. If you then type 3.14 and press Enter, the code will assign f = 3.14. will receive user input when the user presses Enter, so although it is a stream of characters (bytes actually), they will arrive in blocks of 1 line at a time.

Scanner will therefore see that 1 line at a time too.

You can read here for more info.