Help needed to know why 3 test cases failed in my submission

Hi, in my submission, 3 test cases passed and 3 failed. I am not sure what is wrong with my code. It looks OK and similar to the solution provided under the solution tab for this question. Also, test case 2 has a very large input array, so how to run this test case individually to see what failed in this test case? Should we do a read file operation and then form a vector?

Hi, I just tried your solution also from editorial, it also fails first 3 test cases.

hi @bksingh05_b7112183fadff667, try this

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Hi, Thank you for your reply. Your code worked, with minor modification. I found out the reason of failure in my code. The reason is that if I allocate a vector statically, instead of reading it from console through cin, then the code fails. If I put in the code to read the input vector from console, then my previous code (with unordered_map) also passes. To be precise, here is the code change that I did in my previous code to make that code work.

vector<int> a{1, 2, 3, 1};
int n = (int) a.size();

vector<int> a;
int n;

int num;


for(int i=0; i<n; i++)
    cin >> num;