Getting the wrong output

Sir, when i am executing the code the output is showing an addition of 1 but i am unable to figure out where i am wrong here can you please help me out

Sir and one more thing what if i want the output as the number of times a particular note is repeated for example if my answer is 2000 2000 2000 but i want it to be shown as 2000 * 3

sir i got my doubt solved but i wanted to know the code for the above condition in case i need the output to be shown as the multiples of the currency notes

hi @swaroop_stellar
ur code is giving the correct o/p only

this sums up to 2788 only…

if u want this 2000 2000 2000 but u want it to be shown as 2000 * 3
then what u can do it maintain a frequency map, and when finally ans is computed print it…
i have made changes in ur code… it give o/p in the format u want…

hi @swaroop_stellar
i hope its clear now???

Thank you sir :relaxed: :innocent:

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