Even after configing it I'm getting the same error

hey @sanyakaushik2365 ,
did you installed git first ?

if not then do so , and also install github desktop for easier process.

I have already installed git and have rerun commands several times even after that I am not able to config

is it added in your environmental paths ?
i mean , in command prompt if you run git in cmd ,
does it works ?

Yes it is added in my environment.

then just run your codes directly here once.
I mean , first navigate to your repository and then open cmd there , and then run those codes.

I didn’t understand this could you please explain again what to do

open command prompt.
navigate to the directory that contains your code
then run the commands as follows
git init
git status
git add .
git commit -m "testing"
git push origin master

and after they are done just share with me the output screenshot here

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