Error while running the bot

I wrote the following codes for Conversational Bot but the webhook is giving some error.

Error Screenshot

change url variable to url1 or anyother name than url. if resolved please appreciate and comment.

Already tried doing that, but it didn’t work. :frowning_face:

hey @SanchitSayala ,
i guess this is the error at bot.set_webhook(url+TOKEN)


so your , url +TOKEN will result in https://73cacb8d78c3.ngrok.io1206430228:AAEN4ngGCyWBRYiCa4YvADSbyjDcgm5peoY

which is a wrong a url
so it as url+"/"+TOKEN.

I hope it will work.
Thank You .

Thanks for the correction.

I hope your both doubts are now resolved.
I would request you to kindly mark this doubt as resolved in your course doubt section and also to do provide your valuable feedback as it helps us to improve this platform and provide you with better learning experience.

Thank You and Happy Learning :slightly_smiling_face:.