Error while processing MIDI files

StreamException is thrown when I try to preprocess the entire midi_songs folder but not when I am doing each song individually.

hey @rishitagoel13 ,
can you share the complete screenshot of the error , mainly the end part of it.

hey @rishitagoel13 ,
can you please confirm that the file is not corrupt. or try another music file.

Yes, they are working individually but not all together.

Can you please reply fast?

Please solve the query, I have to continue with the course.

hey @rishitagoel13 ,sorry there was some issue with my account , hence couldn’t see your messages.

try printing that path , and see you are providing the correct path to be read from.

I tried that too…the path is correct. As I said, it is working with individual midi files but not with the entire folder.

yeah that only , so you are creating a variable file.
print that , and see is it correct or not.

Everything is correct, the path is correct still it is throwing stream exception error.

not sure now , why it so.
need to check on your system now.

Just one thing, can you once try by passing the complete path of that file.

Nope, that didn’t work as well.

i couldn’t the error as such.
jsut share me your complete code file on drive. Will run and check it.