Error in the code

i am getting an error
2021-09-13 15:14:07,904 - apscheduler.scheduler - INFO -Scheduler started
<telegram.ext.callbackcontext.CallbackContext object at 0x041D55D8>
2021-09-13 15:14:29,177 - main - ERROR -Update ‘<telegram.ext.callbackcontext.CallbackContext object at 0x041D56B8>’ caused error ‘‘CallbackContext’ object has no attribute ‘message’’

hey @devchopra999_11c6416ab7f09bbf ,
can you tell me what telegram bot version are you working on .

and to check the attributes of any object use dir(object here) , and see what attributes does that object has and work accordingly.

i am using the latest version of telegram

where do i use dir?, my code has an error so its not working…and in command prompt it doesnt work

shift it to 12.8
using command
pip install python-telegram-bot == 12.8

dir function returns attributes of an object
say for example , object a has some attributes like a.month , something ,
hence dir will give a list of all of them.

in your start function , in the first line of it , run print(dir(update)) and see what it shows in our console.

i uninstalled telegram and used this but i am still getting the same callback error

it shouldn’t be , can you check that it is properly installed or not.