Downloaded squlite use in vs code

how to use sqlite in project after downloading
the files from sqlite website site show in vidwo lec.?
if i type ( sqlite db.sqlite3) then it shows commandnotfoundException in vs code terminal

you have to write sqlite3 db.sqlite3
chk out this it will work fine
and if you feel the error is still there pls feel free to ask that

sir it is not working

are you using virtualenv ??

no i don’t using virtualenv

You need to add sqlite to your PATH , in order to do so copy the PATH of the folder where you unzipped the sqlite and add it to your environment variables and then restart your command prompt .

how do i add that path to env variables??

You don’t need to add that to your env variables rather you need to add that to your systems variables

i already tried that is not working

What path did you add in your systems environment?

The path where i unzip the dowloaded file

Your folder consist of 3 files that you are considering, right ?

Ya, I am checking with your error only.

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Can you please help me to solve the same error?