Doubt in sieve code

my code is not working it says ll was not declared in the function scope and on using int it is giving a tle

hello @hazel11182

use long long in the place of ll and then try

@hazel11182 please share your code

#include using namespace std; //our range os 1000000 void prime_seive(intp) { //mark all odds as prime for(int i=3;i<=1000000;i+=2) { p[i]=1; } //seive for(long long i=3;i<=1000000; i+=2 ) { //if current number not marked, it is prime if(p[i]==1) { //mark all the multiples of i as not prime for(long long j=ii; j<=x; j+1) { //optimisation start from i^2 p[j]=0; } } } //special case p[2]=1; p[1]=p[0]=0; } int main() { // int n; //cin>>n; int p[1000005]={0}; prime_seive§; int csum[1000005]={0}; for(int i=0;i<=1000000;i++){ csum[i]=csum[i-1]+p[i]; } int q; cin>>q; while(q–){ int a,b; cin>>a>>b; cout<<csum[b]-csum[a-1]<<endl; } return 0; }

@hazel11182 please save it on and then share

In this line for(long long j=i*i; j<=1000000; j+1)
the increment line should be j = j+1 or j++

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