Diagonal Travrsal Problem

can someone please send the code and explaination. this question is going over my head and i am still not able to understand how to do this.

hi @akshat42bajpai
u have to traverse like this

refer my code -->

vaibhav i haven’t studied vector yet… please if you can send with 2d array it would be great

if you can help me please

hi @akshat42bajpai
Give me some time… I will send u another soln… bcoz changing this soln to arrays will become a bit complicated

Refer this code

this is half URL it’s not opening plus i did search on gfg…but the i couldn’t understand the code can you explain a bit??

Just go through the pic I shared… and try to dry run the code… rest there is no as such logic… just u need to traverse it…

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