Code not running on code submission software

i HAVE RUN CODE WITH 10 test cases on IDE it is running as well in run code but not after submitting code.
i have downloaded test cases and checked they are running

If it is running correct for all the test cases according to you.

Then, there must be a problem in the output format.
It could be possible that the way you are printing output is different from the way question demands.

Well, this is just a possibility.
I can comment on this better, after looking at your code.
Please, share your code saved on Coding Blocks IDE.

Hope, this would help.
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What is a Test Automation Framework?
A take a look at automation framework is a complete set of tips and policies created to make check automation environment friendly and effective. A framework is comprised of a aggregate of check equipment and practices that are designed to assist QA expert take a look at extra efficiently.

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Test Automation Frameworks are an indispensable phase of any profitable computerized trying out process. A framework approves testers with much less ride to manipulate state-of-the-art checking out on shorter improvement cycles. Frameworks contain aspects such as:

Coding standards
Test records handling
Object repository treatments
Log configurations
Rules for writing take a look at cases
Test consequences and reporting practices
Benefits of a Test Automation Framework
Consider a easy scenario. Let’s say you are working in a trying out crew comprising of 5 members. Now, if every one of you makes use of your very own approach to write the automation script, it will lead to a divergent fashion of coding. Moreover, the whole crew may additionally no longer be in a position to leverage frequent portions of code and scripts. This is the place check automation frameworks come into the picture.

So, with an automation framework you can:

Establish a prevalent widespread for testers
Fasten the take a look at progress
Maintain the take a look at code easily
Eliminate the human error
Test the utility effectively
Achieve non-stop checking out and delivery
Save time, effort and money

Data-Driven Framework
While automating or checking out any application, at instances you may to check the equal performance more than one instances with the exceptional set of enter data. In such cases, we can’t embed check facts in the take a look at script itself. Data Driven Testing Framework helps the person segregate the take a look at script common sense and the check statistics from every other. The check facts is saved in the exterior storages sources such as MS Excel Sheets, MS Access Tables, SQL Database, XML documents etc.

Linear Automation Framework
It is a primary degree take a look at automation framework which is in the shape of ‘Record and Playback’ in a linear fashion. In this kind of framework, introduction and execution of check script are executed in my view for every check case individually. The tester data every step such as navigation, person input, or checkpoints, and then performs the script to routinely habits the take a look at from the establishing in sequential order. This kind of framework is more often than not used to take a look at small sized applications.

Classifications of Software Testing
Software checking out isn’t a single thing. Instead, it comes in many one-of-a-kind variations, which you can categorize in accordance to quite a few criteria.

For instance, you can categorize checking out kinds into guide or automatic testing. When it comes to the automatic variety, exams can be code-based or codeless—and you can additionally have hybrid tactics that combine the great of each worlds.