Circular Linked List

I am having issues in implementing the insertion of node in circular linked list, if insertion is done at non-head position.

Please implement the above code, Also help me by explaining what are the things done in insertion of node at non-head position.

Thank you

you need to maintain a pointer to the node after which you are inserting and the very next nodde
so it is like 2 like a—>b and you need to insert c in between them so you need 2 pointers at a and b and then point a->next=c c->next=b your work is done and take care of the cases when the list is empty
struct Node *addAfter( struct Node *last, int data, int item)


if (last == NULL)

return NULL;

struct Node *temp, *p;

p = last -> next;



if (p ->data == item)


temp = ( struct Node *) malloc ( sizeof ( struct Node));

temp -> data = data;

temp -> next = p -> next;

p -> next = temp;

if (p == last)

last = temp;

return last;


p = p -> next;

} while (p != last -> next);

cout << item << " not present in the list." << endl;

return last;

here last node is the last node of the linked list and last node->next=head

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