Challenge - Scrape a Book Store!

Code Link:

Why I’m getting only 33% of the total on submission?

While scraping I run : scrapy crawl books_spider -o “books_store.csv”

hey @anas_cb19 ,
can you please share your submission file.
I guess i need to check that.

your code is not retrieving the full title of the book.
the titles are having .... in there ends.
just correct that it will work

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After the correction you mentioned above, now it shows a 98% score😔 …

that really good.
The other 2% might be due to media paths.

i suggest you to work with beautiful soup to score 100

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This url gives 98% accuracy because of the change in the image url

This is the correct url which gives 100% result

last url gives first 20 image in this format so it achieves 100% accuracy
first url gives first 20 image in this format so it achieves 98% accuracy

I hope this helps you