Can some body help me. I am stuck in this since a week

I matched it with the code in the coding blocks github account. I did not any mistake but still my bot does not run. Please help me.

hey @vageesha,
let me know the error you are getting , you can share a screenshot of it here , that would be easier to understand.

whenever i type something on telegram, this appears

instead of reponse.fullfillment text , just return reponse
and in error function , add another parameter , it should be 3 , not 2

Can you brief me what to correct in error function?

keep that your function as it is ,
just do
def error(bot, update , error)

like this

Sir, still this error is coming

now instead of logger.error write


Now, this is coming

buddy try to debug a bit from your side too ,
i know this is quite not understandable but still i am also asking you to make those changes , and i am understanding them based on the images that you share.

above as i asked you to return response ,
change that too list(dir(response))

yes sir, I am trying from my side as well

Sir, now it is much better, the replies are coming but in this fashion

yeah that is because , i asked you to return list(dir(response)) , means all the attirbutes that response variable have

you were initially providing typo on fulfillment_text attribute ,
see the correct spelling in above image and then use that

yes now my bot is replying. But I think there is some issue with fetching news. It is working for small talks but it is not giving me any news.

Yeah , check that and try that once, i hope it works.

Sir, I tried debugging it, but whenever the intent is of the type get_news, this error is thrown. Can you explain me why this error is coming and what to do for this.

are you calling len function at any point in code ?

No sir I did not use it anywhere

upload your complete repository on github and share the link here