Broadcast in subnet

Suppose we are using a network with a subnet. Will a limited broadcast of broadcast our packet in the local subnet or will it broadcast the packet in the complete network of which the subnet is a part of?

Limited Broadcast will be broadcasted to all the members of local subnet. It is called “limited” because it is not forwarded by the router. If routers did forward these broadcasts it would fill the entire internet. (Complete Network)

By entire network I meant the local network (and not the entire internet) of which the subnet is part of.
For example, suppose I am given a Network ID of that has to be divided into 4 subnets of equal sizes.
Now as a source address of I did a limited broadcast of as destination address.
So will this broadcast be limited to its subnet or will it go to all 4 subnets (,,, of the Network ID

And I feel that limited broadcast do get routed to a router but that router should not be an external router. It should be an internal router of that Network.
Still not sure about it.

Limited broadcasts are sent all node in the local broadcast domain, i.e all nodes in network, but in the same local broadcast domain as the source.

No, Limited Broadcasts are ignored by the router, so it can’t be used to broadcast to remote nodes. You must use directed broadcast and configure the router accordingly (by default they are ignored in most routers)