Basic calulator

Actually this is a code of basic calculator and it is passing all the test cases but when i am trying this with some random input it giving wrong output. Can you please point out my mistake

#include using namespace std; int main() { while(1) { char ch; cin>>ch; if(ch==’+’||ch==’-’||ch==’’||ch==’/’||ch==’%’) { long long int n1,n2,n3; cin>>n1>>n2; if(ch==’+’) n3=n1+n2; else if(ch==’-’) n3=n1-n2; else if(ch==’’) n3 = n1*n2; else if(ch==’/’) { if(n2==0) break; else n3 = n1/n2; } else if(ch==’%’) { if(n2==0) break; else n3 = n1%n2; } cout<<n3<<endl; } else if(ch==β€˜X’||ch==β€˜x’) break; else { cout<<β€œInvalid operation. Try again.”<<endl; continue; } } return 0; }

what input u r giving? @agarwaldaksh360_2bae042448e62c08

9/3,2*2,8-3 these are some inputs

9/3,2*2,8-3 @talhashamim001

9/3,6*2,8-2 these are some inputs that i am giving

9/3,6*2,8-2 these are some inputs that i am giving bug

hi @agarwaldaksh360_2bae042448e62c08 buddy u r giving wrong input
first give operator than operande
eg --> / 9 3 X

oh ok but can there be another code where it is not necessary

rn proceed with the course you will learn everything dont worry, read about strings and arrays then u can try

why rhere is 1 in the bracket of while loop

that will continue the while loop till you dont break it @agarwaldaksh360_2bae042448e62c08

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